Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY - Perma Poxy Plastic Weld Tips

In this DIY I will show you how you can use this poxy to repair the drivers side window switch plate .

Once you have the door panel removed , Make sure you clean the door panel from dust , dirt and grease .

As you can see in the photo the rear part of the face plate had been broken off but the front still clips . 

Once I mixed the poxy I apllied it to the front clip even though that piece was not broken I still wanted a good full tight grip , Then apply poxy to the back part where the door panel and the broken piece connect . Make sure you dont get it on the window switch because if that ever goes out you want to make sure you can easily take it out and replace it . You can take out the switch when your doing this or in my case you dont have to . 

Once you apply the poxy let it sit for 5 or 10 minutes then you can out the door panel back to the vehicle .

Once you poxy the face plate you have to remember you can never pop this off , You have to remove the whole panel . But in the end it is worth it and saves you money . This plastic plate is hard to find out at the junk yards . 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014

DIY Disable DRL Corolla 2007

This DIY is on how to disable your Daytime Running Lights for your 9th Gen Corolla .

The purpose of doing this is to install HID to your vehicle with out damaging the ballast due to low current .

1. Find black box under dash located under the steering wheel

2. Find yellow wire coming out of the DRL black box

3. Cut the wire and leave enough so you can add a butt connector

4. Gound out the yellow wire coming from the DRL black box

5. Safely protect the exposed wire with a butt connecter

6. Then you should have just disabled your DRL if everything was done correctly



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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DIY - 98 - 02 Corolla Key Ignition Switch Replacement

This is a DIY for a Key Ignition switch on a 98 - 02 Corolla .

If you have tilt steering pull down on the handle to the left and let your steering be loose . Make sure key is in ignition . Then you remove the bottom screw and the 2 screws in the front behind the steering wheel . The way to get to this is to turn your wheel left and right . Once you remove the 3 screws you can pull apart the cover .

Once you have the cover off then you can remove the ignition switch light . You don't need to unplug it you can remove the clip and the ring will come off .


With the key in the ACC position find a pointy tool and push the button on the bottom and at the same time pull the ignition switch with the key in it out . You cannot remove the ignition switch with out the key in the ACC position .

Once you remove the old one then you can slide the new ignition switch in the hole , Then you can put everything back on the same way you took it off .
The key will be sticky cause it is new so don't force to turn the key or spray WD 40 let it happen naturally . The key will loosen up in time .

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DIY - 93 - 97 Replacement Corolla Rear Sway Bar Links & Bushings

This is a DIY for the rear sway bar links & bushings for a Corolla .

The best thing to do is raise your car really high so you don't have to take off the tires of your Corolla .

With a allen key and a open end wrench you remove the upper nut and lower nut .

While you have the link off then you can remove the sway bar bushings , I did one side at a time you can do both but I found this easier .

Then the same way you took them off you put them back on .
You will feel a difference in your handling .

DIY - 98 - 02 Corolla Window Regulator & Motor Replacement

This is a DIY for the drivers side window regulator , I have a DIY on how to replace the motor with a after market motor but this regulator came with a motor .

First this you do is remove the door panel off and remove the black cover off as well .

Then you have to raise the window slightly so that you line up the bolt to the hole to slide your ratchet extension through to remove one of the bolts . One you remove the bolts then you slowly lower the window down then carefully especially if your windows are tinted not to scratch them as you pull the window out towards you . WARNING : Some corollas have the power window lock switch when you lower the window . You can jam your fingers or brake the window .

Now there are 6 bolts holding the regulator and motor to the inside of the door .
Then slide it through the hole on the bottom .

Remember to take out the two way thread and put it on the new regulator .

 The regulator comes slightly greased , just add some but do not over do it .
Then when you are done test the window before you put the door panel back on .