Wednesday, February 3, 2016

DIY Replace Rear Brakes and Rotors 2000 Honda CRV

This is a DIY for a 2000 Honda CRV rear brakes conversion to slotted rotors 

First you remove the rear brake caliper then you remove the brake caliper bracket 

With a screw driver you remove the two screws holding the rotor to the shaft 

Inspect and clean emergency brake shows that are located inside the rotor 

Replace all the hardware that is supplied - make sure slotted rotors are facing the correct direction - put everything back the same way you removed the old parts 

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DIY Replace Radiator Over Flow Tank 2000 Toyota Camry

This is a DIY on how to replace your coolant over flow tank on a 2000 Toyota Camry 

In this DIY I'm using the OEM part - There are two bolts holding this to the inside of the fender 

Make sure you use the bracket from the old over flow tank and then you put it back the same way you took it off - fill with coolant and your back to normal 

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DIY Replace Front Brakes 2011 Hyundai Sonata

This is a DIY for a 2011 Hyundai Sonata front brake replacement 

Two bolts hold these front pads , Once you remove these bolts then you can slide the brake caliper off the rotor - Make sure you replace all the hardware when putting your new pads 

To push the front caliper back you must either use the proper brake tool but in this case you can use a C - clamp cause you have to go in on a angle to push the piston back - be careful cause these calipers are made of aluminum 

Once you have everything off you put it on the same way - 

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DIY - Serpentine Belt 2000 Honda CRV

This DIY is on a 2000 Honda CRV with a 2.4 Motor - The Diagram below is correct route for the serpentine 

Remove the cover below that covers the a/c and crankshaft - As you see in the second photo that is where the location of the belt tensioner - All you have to do is unclasp the power steering canister and move it aside 

With my homemade serpentine belt tool you pull the tensioner forward and you will see the belt getting loose - From that point you un slip the top part of the belt 

Once you have the serpentine belt off the top you can pull it from the bottom - Make sure you measure the new one before you put it on - Check tensioner pulley to make sure it still has tension - Remember the route of the belt if not this page provides a diagram 

Then you put the new belt on the same way you took it off - Make sure the grooves are matching and laying flat - Feel the tension - Then put the cover and power steering pump canister back 

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DIY - Front Brakes & Rotors 2000 Honda CRV

This is a DIY for a 2000 Honda CRV Front Brakes with Slotted Rotors

To remove the calipers you need to unscrew the top and bottom bolt - Then you will see a tension spring that if you did not purchase the hardware kit you will be using these again - The reason it is called a tension spring cause this is what pushes your front pads back as the caliper opens - These are important to reinstall 

Then with a 17mm socket you remove the caliper bracket so that you can remove the front rotor 

On this vehicle you have two screws holding the rotors to the hub 

Make sure you have the lines facing forward or read the sticker driver side and passenger side face different ways 

Only on the bolts you need to apply anti seize 

This vehicle takes ceramic pads 

With the caliper tool push the calipers back then starting putting everything on the same way you took it off 

When putting the caliper back on you will have to squeeze the pads to the rotors because the spring tensioner will push the pads out until the caliper surrounds the pads - What I did was slip the bottom of the caliper first then leave a opening to put the spring tensioner for the top then slide the rest of the caliper 

There you have it 

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